Marriage Counseling - Is it Necessary?

Marriage counseling in Columbus Ohio is a common practice for couples facing problems in their marriage. It helps couples sort through their differences and work through them, unifying their relationship in the process. The Counseling can be done by a marriage counselor, or you can do it on your own. Both ways can have good results. Both ways try to enhance marital relationships and solve interpersonal problems as well.

In marriage counseling, the two partners sit with a therapist who guides them through a process of self-exploration. The therapist will help the partners to reflect on their pasts and try to find out what is keeping them apart. The goals of the therapy are twofold. First, the therapist tries to identify the problems, and second, helps the partners to work out a strategy on how to fix the problems. The goals of the Therapy are not very different than those of other form of therapy: It aims to make the partners aware of their problems, so that they can work out their solutions on their own; it also aims to help them understand each other's needs and motivations, so that they can resolve the conflicts and create a better life together. You can get in touch with the best marriage counselor at

Most marriage counseling requires the participation of both partners. Many therapists encourage their patients to talk about the conflicts, but some therapists discourage their patients from talking about the conflicts at all. Some therapists encourage their clients to seek professional help if they have a problem. These therapists normally work in an area such as addiction treatment, family and child therapy, or sex therapy. One may work in a more specific area of treatment such as substance abuse.
During the marriage counseling session, the counselor is not the only one listening to what the couple is saying. The partners may have other family members or friends involved in the sessions too. All of them are free to ask questions and participate in the dialogue. Some couples like it best when the therapist and/or the couple's friend(s) are present during the sessions.

Sometimes, one spouse will be more comfortable talking about their relationship and the current state of their marriage counseling than the other partner is. There are two reasons for this. One spouse may be very ashamed or worried about their personal situation and in order to avoid making a huge social scene they will prefer to discuss with the counselor privately. Or the partner may be angry at their spouse and feel that sharing their feelings will make them look bad in front of the other partner and therefore be rejected. In these cases, it is better for the couple to talk privately during the marriage counseling session.

Another reason why some couples feel uncomfortable discussing their relationship problems with another person such as a therapist or a counselor during marriage counseling sessions is because they feel it would be inappropriate or even embarrassing. This can especially be the case in instances where one partner is ashamed of their own issues. When this is the case, it would probably be better for the couple to have private sessions instead. If both partners are open and comfortable enough to discuss the problems facing their relationship, there is a big possibility that both of them can be able to work out the issues and save the marriage. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: